The “New Normal”, brought to you in part by Iris Color’s Zeropercento
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The “New Normal”, brought to you in part by Iris Color’s Zeropercento

The “New Normal”, brought to you in part by Iris Color’s Zeropercento

Right now, getting back to the new normal is what we are all trying to do. Looking after our homes has become and will remain a priority in our daily lives going forward. One of the most common things we can do is to renew and sanitize our homes by painting the walls, inside and out.

Zeropercento, a new line of water-based paints and complementary home painting products without formaldehyde or harmful emissions, enables us to paint practically, efficiently and, above all, safely. Marco Salvati, owner of Iris Color, takes up the story:

Our experience in the DIY paints and varnishes market prompted us to design, create and produce Zeropercento as a reflection of our commitment to reducing indoor pollution, specifically the presence of potentially-harmful pollutants in the domestic environment.”

All products in the ZERO% range are:

  • Dermatologically-tested.
  • Very low in VOC content (harmful volatile substances that many building products, along with cigarette smoke and many cleaning products, release into the air).
  • Ozone Friendly, that is, they do not damage the ozone layer.
  • Emission class A+. This class identifies the emissions level of volatile substances into indoor air and the risk of toxic inhalations on a scale from A+ (very low emissions) to E (high emissions).
  • Ideal for painting in cities or when it is cold: a very low VOC content limits the need for ventilation.
  • Perfect even when children or elderly people particularly sensitive to sources of domestic pollution are at home.
  • Easy to use, because they are designed for DIY.

In addition, our packaging is made with a minimum of 60% recycled plastic, and our production plants are powered by electricity from renewable sources.

Iris Color’s commitment
to encouraging solutions that improve quality of life at home while contributing to the fight against climate change, reducing air and indoor pollution, is borne out by the company’s participation in Legambiente’s Civic Campaign 5.0.

Intervening directly in homes and condominiums to make them more efficient and healthier is for us a priority action. Civico 5.0 involves families in an annual monitoring process, including the indoor pollution responsible for 2.7% of the global disease burden in the world. Unfortunately, we still have a great deal to learn about all this,” says Giorgio Zampetti, General Manager of Legambiente.

Last but not least, the Zeropercento Line also includes other products such as: Zero Voc washable indoor water-based paint, Zero Voc anti-condensation thermo-insulating water-based paint with anti-mold function, Water-based enamel, and Putty in Zero Voc. paste.

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