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The Natural Stone All-rounder

The Natural Stone All-rounder
By Redazione The Plan -

Established in 1948, Nikolaus Bagnara has been run by the same family for three generations, perfecting its core business of working natural stone and becoming a global leader in the production, distribution and processing of stone materials.

The secret to the company’s success lies in the combination of owning its own quarries while also having very strong and strategic agreements in place with manufacturers around the world. This guarantees swift delivery for all 900 - and more - different types of top-quality natural stone. The process starts with storing quarried stone in massive warehouses in Rivoli Veronese and Massa Carrara, providing a constant supply of the raw materials that are subsequently shipped to the production plant in Cavaion Veronese (Veneto region) where the actual stone slabs are made. Every day 1,500 sq. m of slabs are processed, ensuring a constant supply of materials, available in over ten surface finishings, for which the company relies on both advanced CNC technology and traditional craftsmanship, ensuring each project is truly tailor-made.

The company has the enormous advantage of having complete control across the natural stone supply chain, which brings the significant benefit of being the only necessary point of contact for architects and designers throughout a project. Add in the company’s extensive knowledge of the raw materials it deals in, and it becomes far easier for an architect to know precisely which stone and processing methods will achieve the desired technical performance and aesthetic appearance. Bagnara prides itself on the success of its projects, leveraging its long-standing experience in processing, customization, and installation and assembly expertise done by qualified technicians, to provide also continuing support. In essence, the company works tirelessly to ensure every project is delivered on time and perfectly produced, making Nikolaus Bagnara a solid and reliable partner for all clients, from private individuals and craftsmen, to architects, designers and developers.


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