Sistema - The innumerable applications of crystallized stoneware
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Sistema - The innumerable applications of crystallized stoneware

Sistema - The innumerable applications of crystallized stoneware
By Redazione The Plan -
Marazzi has participated in the project

SistemA is a new crystallized stoneware tile produced entirely with green technology by Marazzi Tecnica. A vitreous ceramic coating makes it a top performer, combining the aesthetics of glazed products with the technical features of unglazed porcelain stoneware: high scratch and slip resistance, ease of cleaning and brilliant, fast, solid colours. The crystalline phase of the new technology used to produce SistemA enhances the natural colour of stoneware to give depth and a 3-D quality to each tile surface.
Its large formats (30x60, 60x60, 60x120 cm), together with top-of-class technical performance make SistemA ideal for either vertical or horizontal cladding applications designed to create a continuum between indoors and outside. SistemA has been especially designed to cater for the heavy-duty requirements of busy public spaces like hotels, shopping malls, airports, stores, offices and showrooms. Available in 18 colours (6 cold, 6 strong, and 6 warm shades) - as well as
special-request hues - SistemA is ideal to mix and match with other materials, including all the other Marazzi Tecnica product ranges. Its versatility gives full rein to the inventive prowess of designers and architects, even in unconventional applications.
For example, the last Milan Furniture Fair saw Gianluca Rossi and David Chipperfield use SistemA in two especially striking installations.
Gianluca Rossi of Uainot Architetti devised the SistemA Temporary Workshop. This showcase environment featured a series of large, different-height white “A”s against a backdrop of brilliant red SistemA. The overall workshop area was one of restrained sobriety, the informal tables and chairs all surfaced with SistemA.
David Chipperfield’s “Quinte” installation in the lovely Richini portico of Milan’s State University used a series of SistemA-clad partitions (quinte) of differing height and colour to create a series of long itineraries. The play of colours and size had the effect of compressing or expanding space depending on the viewer’s standpoint.


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