The Garden House: where California and Mexico meet
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The Garden House: where California and Mexico meet

The residence is part of The Houses complex at 8899 Beverly

Olson Kundig | ATRA

The Garden House: where California and Mexico meet
By Redazione The Plan -

This project for a new residence within The Houses residential community at 8899 Beverly grew out of a dialogue between the style and lifestyle of California and the artisan traditions of Mexico.

Named The Garden House, the home was designed by Olson Kundig (which designed all eight of the single-family homes that make up the community), while the interior design was the work of ATRA. Together, the two studios gave a cohesion to the home, making nature and tranquility the identifying traits of the project. The residence is surrounded by a lush private garden of trees and hedges. This greenery enters the home via its picture windows, which seem to dematerialize while giving a rhythm to the exteriors through alternating solids and voids, opaque and transparent surfaces.

With an inground swimming pool and a private spa, along with spaces and services shared with the adjacent residential building at 8899 Beverly, outdoor living was very much the focus of both Olson Kundig’s and ATRA’s work. The building in question is a tower block with large outdoor areas, a swimming pool, gardens, sheltered areas for dining, and, inside, a fitness center and a yoga room.

With subtle lines and modest dimensions, the home is bright, airy, and welcoming. It’s the ideal place to carve out your own space without giving up any of the vibrancy of the West Hollywood neighborhood – specifically, the area between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The home is the best of both worlds, offering tranquility and charm just a short distance from the most important design and fashion shops in Los Angeles.

The entrance to the home, which is unique, divides the spaces into a northern area and a southern area, melded together by a double-height central space inside.


Neutral, delicate interiors

The Garden House, Olson Kundig e ATRA ©Michael Clifford, courtesy of ATRA

To create the interior design, ATRA embraced the fundamental characteristics of Olson Kundig’s architecture, combining them with a touch of Californian style and Mexican artisanry. Delicate, neutral tones, as well as a material palette that frequently recalls nature, create a tranquil, timeless mood. A range of different porous stones have been used, including volcanic rock and silver travertine, while the furnishings feature velvet, mohair, and other fabrics. Marble and wicker are also present. This selection of materials establishes a dialogue with the artworks and designer pieces on display around the home. The volcanic stone desk, for example, is a reference to the lava rock sculptures, while the dining table echoes Olson Kundig’s architecture. The interiors also include a tribute to the crafts of Mexico, ATRA’s country of origin. Its own designer furniture and works of art embellish the rooms of the home, from the coffee tables to the minimalist nightstands, the stylized lighting, the vases that recall natural materials, and the essential, enveloping seats.

“Our goal from the outset was to complement this minimalist architecture and the simplicity of its volumes,” said ATRA designer Gabriella Kuti. “But we also didn’t overlook the versatility of this home in our responses to the needs of the family, a Hollywood actor and entrepreneur. We chose the best of what Mexico has to offer to enrich the home with unexpected artworks and thoughtful design.”

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Location: West Hollywood, California, USA
Architect: Olson Kundig
Interior design: ATRA

Photography by Michael Clifford and Nils Timm, courtesy of Olson Kundig and ATRA

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