The Gap - Stylish technology in the bathroom
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The Gap - Stylish technology in the bathroom

The Gap - Stylish technology  in the bathroom
By Editorial Staff -

The Spanish company Roca is a world leader in bathroom creation and a sector benchmark for design. Active on 135 markets, it has always sought high technological standards with a concrete commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing. Roca collections are geared to bathroom comfort and meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of a broad range of users. Latest of Roca’s proposals are the collections The Gap and Tipo, plus the Transtube shower-bath.
The Gap is designed to go with the Targa tap series. It is a sanitaryware and accessories collection marrying symmetrical line with minimal form, and suitable for all spatial shapes imaginable. 19 kinds of washbasin - symmetrical or asymmetrical, corner-fitting, with and without pedestal - twin with a series of furniture and accessories in 16 mm MDF, available in white, beige and wine-red. Cabinets can be wall-mounted or free-standing. There is also a version called The Gap Unik with its extra-capacious basin matching the furniture range. Toilet bowls in this collection are great water-savers with their 6/3 litre or 4.5/3 litre flushing mechanisms. Soft-close technology means that doors, drawers and seats shut gently - a comfort and safety feature which caters for the very young as well.
Antonio Bullo designed the new ceramics series Tipo. Harmony of design and rounded shapes give a classical look eschewing trendiness; size, movement, practicality and hygiene blend harmoniously. Clean lines, soft shapes and balanced proportions fill the bathroom with energy and a pleasing sense of lightness. The ideal partner for this collection is Victoria-N tap-ware.
Lastly, Transtube: a revolutionary cylindrical shower (115 cm diameter), stylish and technological, 360° obstacle-free view since the flanges and uprights found in traditional stall showers are here fitted into the shower tray. Transtube also boasts latest-generation materials and high-tech functions: an automatic sliding-door system with a movement sensor, the tray lined in non-slip Styltech material, and the thermostatic column in stainless steel.


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Tel. +39 02 900251

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