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Stone Italiana’s partnership with the designer Walter De Silva – initiated with his “Zoe” table for the Salone del Mobile 2018 – is continuing this year with TETI, a vase that, just like the goddess Tethys from Greek mythology it’s named after, has the gift of metamorphosis: it can become a holder for objects, a source of light, a totem or an artistic monolith, depending on requirements and sizing. TETI is the encounter of two pyramids expertly interlinked by Walter De Silva’s and Mario Antonioli’s unique skill. The concept is enhanced by references to the Fibonacci sequence and the ratios of the golden rectangle, “thus confirming the existence of a relationship between macrocosm and microcosm, universe and nature …”. The two solids nest perfectly together in an unexpectedly delicate and complex geometrical equilibrium, managing to convey the ideas of both surprise and solidity. The Cosmolite slab is where Teti originates from and its mottled colours augment the hypnotic, irresistible charm of the piece, even when two different colours are combined. Cosmolite is hi-tech, innovative in its visual texture and composition, made from base materials that increase its resistance to heat (certified 180°) but at the same time perfectly able to be handled and processed, just as operators require. Now, along with the more traditional colour schemes – black, white and brown – we have Age, the new VerdeSilver chosen by Stone Italiana as the symbol for the company’s ever-increasing focus on the environment.


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