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Working with terracotta is one of the oldest crafts in the world, with the same methods being used for thousands of years. Terra re-proposes this tradition with pure material, reconsidering it with inspiration and originality. Its surface marks appear to be those of a dirt track, with its shiniest parts stemming from the passing of life and time. Terra becomes the perfect combination of an "ancient" touch and the charm of experimentation by focusing on the nuances that can provide this project with a highly contemporary connotation and strong appeal. On the one hand, warm, darkened, deep colours linked to tradition, like ochre and red; on the other we find colder contrasting colours like silver and a highly original nuance like Prussian blue. Full-body coloured porcelain stoneware, Terra can be found on the market in the formats - 90x90 cm, 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm, for both cladding and flooring purposes and is versatile in its usage and style. Terra is an original proposal where innovation finds its maximum accomplishment in combining its coloured surfaces with the Oro project, a collection of 4 marbles with considerable and unusual personality. A unique, unconventional stylish result which remains authentic and with considerable distinction. LaFaenza finds its utmost inspiration in the Terra&Oro proposal. A unique compendium of inspiration and vanity, where the value of Terra in its most profound and authentic essence unites with the vanity of the marble, a quality material like Gold, with an audacious charm. Freely and regularly combining materials and colours, craftsmanship and elegance, darks and clear, bright with opaque, LaFaenza strengthens its style with sought after atmospheres, with vibrant, natural lights for a complete softness of spaces, where Terra&Oro comes together to bring emotions. An exact choice, a single wish: live the LaFaenza style to the full.


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