TermoK8® A.R. Protection and resistance
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TermoK8® A.R. Protection and resistance

TermoK8® A.R. Protection and resistance
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The insulated rendering and cladding system TermoK8® by IVAS is designed to ensure the energy efficiency of new buildings or renovated building stock. Its technical performance, ease of application and aesthetically pleasing finishes have led many architects to choose TermoK8 for difficult architectural briefs. Over the years, the product has kept pace with increasingly demanding market requirements in terms of technical performance and aesthetic appearance and with ever more stringent building regulations. Today, IVAS provides a range of 13 duration-guaranteed systems for a variety of highly specialised needs. One of these, the new TermoK8® A.R., is an ideal means of creating knock-resistant exterior surfaces. TermoK8® A.R can be used in combination with the different insulating materials of the TermoK8® range with the same thickness and conductivity. In addition, the system need only be applied where really needed, i.e. the base of buildings or other areas subject to accidental knocks or at ground level to avert water infiltration. The TermoK8®A.R. system uses the same meshes and glues as traditional non-reinforced surfaces. As a result, it does not have to be extended up to the first available string course or, in the absence of a string course, there is no need to insert mouldings or profiles to mask unsightly joins due to different rendering layer thicknesses. Specially moulded high-performance (EPS 100) polystyrene insulating panels have 5 mm deep grooves that increase the adhesive surface area for the subsequent rendering coat. Seen in cross-section, the panel presents a continuous series of T-shaped projections, a feature that considerably adds to the resistance of the whole system.


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