Termok8 HP® High performance insulated façade technology
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Termok8 HP® High performance insulated façade technology

Termok8 HP® High performance insulated façade technology
By Editorial Staff -

The European energy directive was transposed in 2013, with the new certification regulations coming into effect in Italy on 1st October 2015. These introduce new restrictions, calculation methods, minimum requirements for energy performance and areas of relevance with differing, but specific requirements for new builds, major restructuring work (first and second level) and energy upgrades. 

The Termok8 HP® façade insulation system, created by Ivas in cooperation with Neopor, not only meets regulatory standards, but also offers excellent performance, reduced thickness and ease of installation. It also complies with the requirements for tax deduction eligibility. 

Termok8 HP® has a graphite panel with a white exterior surface (EPS 30 HP) manufactured in a single lamination and synthesis process. This ensures complete thermal uniformity, size stability and perfect squaring, combining the properties of graphite with the installation speed and simplicity of traditional white polystyrene. 

The HP panel provides excellent thermal (”λ” conductivity: 0.30/mK) and mechanical performance. The surface on each side is treated to improve adhesion with both the support and coating layers. It is also designed to be installed with Klebocem Termico, a state-of-the-art skim coat with thermal performance that is four times better than a standard skim coat.  

Using the same supports and thickness, Termok8 HP® improves the performance of the insulating façade by 21% compared to a traditional EPS solution. 

This is especially critically in restructuring work, as it reduces the thickness that needs to be applied to the external surface, freeing up vital space for work on, for example, balconies and loggias. 

TermoK8 HP® not only offers excellent thermal performance, but also has the Plus reflective coatings with high total solar reflectance so that dark finishes - even black - can be used, without excessive surface heating and limited colour loss over time. These Plus finish coats, available in different grain sizes, are full and uniform to the eye, but also protect against mould, algae and microorganisms. Finally, they are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics in Munich.



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