Terminal A-Plus - Frankfurt Airport?
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Terminal A-Plus - Frankfurt Airport?

Terminal A-Plus - Frankfurt Airport?
By Editorial Staff -
The new Terminal A-Plus at Frankfurt Airport extends Terminal 1 to allow this German air hub to cater for over six million passengers a year. Located to the west of the existing terminal, it stretches for about 800 m with a total floor area of 185.400 sq m. It has docking positions for seven jumbo jets and, inside, five new Lufthansa lounges and an assortment of spaces for shops and restaurants centred on two central areas cater for passengers. Granite slabs in various colours and shapes were used for the indoor floors as they not only look good, but can also handle the heavy footfall of such an airport. Mapei supplied environmentally friendly materials for laying the granite, including a base of Primer G, a synthetic resin based primer in water dispersion with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. The actual granite slabs were laid with Mapestone 1 adhesive as this is specifically designed for stone materials. Finally, Ultracolor Plus was chosen for the grouting.

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