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Tensyon Evo by Oxydal

Tensyon Evo by Oxydal
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Evo is a less specialized component of the previous system: it no longer allows for the fixing of steel wires, but acquires new lightness and functionality, becoming a versatile solution for any requirement, from facades to coverings, from canopies to marquees. Its «smart» design, especially refined in its elegant and streamlined shape, makes it ideal for interiors and furnishings, as well as for exhibition booths or display needs in general. Tensyon Evo’s greatest innovation is its system of studs in composite materials, featuring top mechanical resistance and REI certified for fire resistance. This feature allows for the setting up of glass panels in direct contact, avoiding the complication of gaskets and fillers. Glass is ensured all necessary mechanical flexibility to the impact of wind and thermic variations through a device integrated in the external stud. Like its predecessor, Tensyon Evo is the result of in-depth formal and technological research to guarantee top performance in resistance through cutting-edge FEM analysis techniques. Tensyon Evo is therefore a true breakthrough in supporting systems for bearing structures, and further proofs Oxidal’s commitment to the research of innovative and top-performing solutions to meet even the most complex project demands.

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