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Telugu Medium: a meeting of worlds

An authentic Andhra restaurant in the hills of Hyderabad opens new perspectives on India’s architectural and culinary landscapes

Sona Reddy Studio

Telugu Medium Restaurant by Sonia Reddy Studio
By Editorial Staff -

The spaces of Telugu Medium Kitchen comprise 480 m2 of culinary excellence, all set in the lush surroundings of Jubilee Hills in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The design of this authentic Andhra restaurant, co-founded by Malvika Rao, Anil Karnati, and Rohit Medisetty, was the work of Sona Reddy Studio. By fusing past and present, Telugu Medium has redefined the local foodscape in a building whose materials and construction techniques are a celebration of the soul of Deccan.

An exploration of local materials and design, Telugu Medium Kitchen is a meeting of worlds – an experience that goes beyond the visual, in which tradition and contemporary design coexist in one of the most luxurious locales in the city.

Telugu Medium - Sona Reddy Studio © Pankaj Anand, courtesy of Sona Reddy Studio


Domes and vaults creating an immersive design

Huge brick domes, vaults, and load-bearing walls have minimized the need for concrete and steel in the construction, while also creating a cool interior environment that’s suitable for Hyderabad’s arid climate. Karimnagar bricks adorn the façade, harking back to centuries-old traditions.

Projecting bricks and concrete planters surround the entrance. An outdoor waiting area, paved in brick, connects the building to the surrounding spaces. The northern section has an outdoor dining area under canopies that dialogue with the curved brick decorations and interior portals.

Entering through a brick vestibule, guests find themselves in a two-level structure with a double-height atrium flooded with natural light. This offers diners a chance to pause and step inside this immersive design. The ceiling forms a kind of canvas of handmade brick domes and vaults that creates an interplay of light and shade inside a constantly changing environment.

Telugu Medium - Sona Reddy Studio © Pankaj Anand, courtesy of Sona Reddy Studio


A tribute to the soul of Deccan

The furniture, which reflects the essence of the restaurant, comprises timeless, simple, but evocative pieces that provide a modern interpretation of South Indian dining traditions. Meanwhile, the brick ceilings, concrete columns, pink-lime plaster walls, and textured tandoor flooring are a tribute to the soul of Deccan.

Fluted glass windows highlight the atrium staircase while providing privacy for diners and creating a further interplay of light. Locally sourced pink granite features as the bar counter in the center of the ground-level floor, while a small rectangular concrete pond lined with black limestone tiles creates a relaxing corner.


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Location: Telugu Medium, Hyderabad, India
Completion: 2023
Area: 483 m2
Architect: Sona Reddy Studio
Design Team: Sona Reddy, Anjali Miriyala, Jemy Joy

Photography by Pankaj Anand, courtesy of Sona Reddy Studio

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