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Tekno by Oikos

Tekno by Oikos
By Editorial Staff -
As a matter of fact, exposed hinges disappear; these elements had hitherto prevented its perfect coplanarity. Presented both in its flush-with-wall version with Synua Wall System and in its version coplanar with the surrounds, Tekno is also characterized by the innovative handle kit specifically designed to suit its aesthetic features and guarantee an amazing overall effect, which is made even more significant by the possibility of using all Evolution finishes - starting with the new line of facing panels Legno Vivo. Extremely versatile, young and modern, Tekno is able to enrich the environments with design and refinement. Developed in collaboration with the designers Adriani & Rossi, it is available in a number of natural wood types, 9 lacquered, 9 open pore lacquered, and 9 brushed lacquered versions, plus lacquered RAL versions, 9 lacquered glass versions, 11 porcelain stoneware versions, 6 synthetic leather versions, and even, among others, steel, mirror and acrylic stone versions. A rich variety of solutions to make Techno a unique trendy, high-performance product. A single panel or with sections. Tekno can now be combined, as it happens for the Synua line, even to an armored glass light side without losing security. Tekno shows first-rate features from all points of view. Starting with fire resistance: Techno has a certified EI90 fire resistance that makes it suitable for all those situations that require compliance with very strict fire regulations. The application of Tekno can even avoid the use in hallways and stairwells of those unaesthetic fire doors required by law in given environmental contexts. Tekno also standard provides class 3 break-in resistance, 43 dB sound insulation, thermal insulation U = 1,6 (up to 0,92, upon request), class 4 air tightness, class 5A water tightness, and class C5 wind resistance.

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