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Tegal Innotech Protector®

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Tegal Innotech Protector®
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Tegal Innotech Protector® merges the stunning performance of the Tegal Innotech mineral tile with the innovative surface of Protector®, which helps protect against the elements and maintain an unchanged appearance over time. Tegal Innotech Protector® uses Wierer’s multilayer technology to create four layers: the first is notably compact, made of sand, cement, water and natural pigments; the second - linked to the first using a co-extrusion process - has a mixture of cement, fine sand and iron oxides; the third is a resinous layer, to protect the tile from wear and the elements; the final one is the Protector® surface, which smooths out imperfections and saturates the color to make the surface perfectly uniform. Aesthetically, these tiles have an essential design, with a perfectly smooth, flat surface. The slightly rounded profile, created using a lightly retracted cut that leaves a perfectly linear front, improves rainwater runoff and creates a more continuous look when installed. It comes in four options: Ardesia, Nero Brillante, Grigio Scuro and Reflex Grigio Perla. The Reflex surfaces are made using highly reflective pigments that powerfully reflect the sun’s rays, reducing heat transfer to the lower layers of the tile. This makes Tegal Innotech Protector® Reflex an ideal solution for reducing the urban heat island effect. Like all Wierer mineral tiles, Tegal Innotech Protector® is periodically subjected to rigorous laboratory and other testing (thermal shock, load, footfall, shock resistance, rain and wind, freeze and thaw cycles) to ensure it can withstand truly taxing conditions. Tegal Innotech Protector® fits with all the components and solutions in the Wierer Roof System and it comes with a 30-year guarantee plus a 15-year guarantee on the roof system.


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