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Tecu® Vision by KME

Tecu® Vision by KME
By Editorial Staff -
Thanks to innovative processing techniques, Tecu ® copper and copper alloys become even more decorative and can be used for new amazing effects. According to the applied processing method on the material, Tecu ® Vision offer is classified in the following sub-ranges:
- Tecu ®_punch, the impressive Tecu ® surfaces with individual perforation
- Tecu ®_mesh, copper and copper alloys curtains for protective transparency
- Tecu ®_flatmesh, flat rib mesh for interesting soft transitions and screening
- Tecu ®_weave, woven strips of copper and copper-alloy materials, permits combinations of differing Tecu ® copper alloys or even inclusion of other compatible metals, for new architectural applications
- Tecu ®_shape, new and unexpected solutions in Tecu ® copper and alloys for fascinating three-dimensional effects.

With Tecu ® Vision, you can choose from various type of processing, textured designs, dimensions, thickness and materials. As a consequence, Tecu ® Vision encompasses an endless range of processing methods possible with copper for the design of buildings with a strong and unique identity.

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