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By Editorial Staff -

The first evidence of copper being used as a construction material in Central Europe dates from the late Middle Ages, with the oldest known copper roof still visible today, on the Hildesheim cathedral (1280) in Germany. This previous, ancient material has long been employed in restructuring and regeneration work, but today it is being used in some of the most modern, innovative structures, from religious buildings to apartment blocks, and from shops to industrial plants. Selecting the right materials and producing the ideal cladding are fundamental decisions, especially where the architecture itself is a work of art, but needs modern technology. And such considerations only gain importance for bioarchitecture projects. Contemporary architecture is leveraging the full potential of copper by using it with other materials - wood, glass - to produce structures that are a perfect match for some of the latest constructions, without compromising on the ability of the building to resist the local weather. KME’s TECU® copper and copper alloy cladding solutions have been designed specifically for architectural uses, combining aesthetic excellence with continuous technological perfection for roofs and façades. TECU® products are durable and exclusive, but are also easily adapted to numerous applications. The large range of natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys provides an array of spectacular construction options. TECU® products can be laid using traditional methods, such as the standing seam, or far more modern cladding options, including cassettes, panels, shingles, and profiled solutions. All the options combine simplicity of installation, with durability and creative potential. TECU® products are available in sheets or strips and meet the DIN EN 1172 and DIN EN 1652 standards, plus they have the CE Mark and ISO 14025 environmental certification. TECU® Gold is a special copper alloy from KME that, despite the name, does not contain actual gold, but primarily brass and aluminum. This solution is not only hypoallergenic with excellent anti-microbial properties, but also extremely corrosion resistant. The look differs from brass because, unlike the latter, it does not lose its gilded appearance over time. Once installed, it oxidizes rapidly to form a warm, elegant shade that undoubtedly recalls gold. Façades clad with TECU® Gold are highly evocative and, when in the sun, provide a unique interplay of reflections. Like all KME products, TECU® Gold is 100% recyclable, beats the performance levels in current European legislation and is an optimal choice for architects, especially if they are creating buildings that require LEED certification, a typical requirement for public buildings.


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