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Technostep - stepped platforms system

Technostep - stepped platforms system
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Barth’s Technostep, produced by the german mother-firm of WRK, is a self-supporting system of stepped platforms for auditoriums, lecture halls, concert halls, theatres and cinemas. Its prime feature is flexibility and versatility of application, adapting as it does to newly-built or long-standing premises.
Fully prefabricated, Technostep has a frame of galvanised iron profiles boarded with gypsum-fibre panels that can, as required, be fitted with accessories like steps, parapets, ramps, lighting systems, ventilation and air-conditioning, thus meeting the widest of design needs. The Technostep structure doesn’t need to be anchored to the wall; it goes on top of horizontal bases or inclines or steps, as well as directly onto roughcast floors; it can be designed after the architectural project is completed, being adaptable to any geometrical situation. Technostep ensures noise insulation with its soundproof bearings between the panels and metal structure or between that structure and the building walls. As panel lining various materials can be employed: wood, fitted carpet, PVC, or more fancy cladding. Materials are fully fire-resistant, achieving fireproof class 0, a high level of protection. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Barth will look after designing the whole system down to chair arrangement, if need be. Once the project is approved, the prefabricated parts are made by number-controlled machinery which numbers the parts and delivers to the site for final assembly and fixing in place. By good coordination between production phases, a high degree of pre-fabrication and attention to packaging, once delivered the individual parts only need connecting in the right sequence, clicking into place in a way that makes very little dirt or noise.


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