Technological Innovation for a Lower Carbon Glass
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Technological Innovation for a Lower Carbon Glass

Technological Innovation for a Lower Carbon Glass
By Editorial Staff -
Guardian Glass has participated in the project

Guardian Nexa™ float glass was launched on the European market in early 2024 following research and development that combined technological innovation and the company’s manufacturing expertise. 

With a lower carbon content than the company’s other products, this glass was designed for use in building façades, and can also be used as a base for high performance coated glass products such as Guardian SunGuard™, for solar control, or Guardian ClimaGuard™, for thermal insulation. 

Guardian Nexa is the latest addition to the company’s range of products, achieved thanks to a combination of ongoing innovation in manufacturing processes and the optimization of cullet use (broken or scrap glass) in the float glass manufacturing process.  

As a result, Guardian Nexa can help to reduce the embodied carbon of the built environment, but without compromising performance or esthetics.

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) will be available to document the environmental data of Guardian Nexa in detail, but it is already possible to state that it has a reduced embodied carbon by more than 30% to approximately 7 kg CO2e/m2 for 4 mm float glass. The reduction in embodied carbon was calculated by comparing the estimated values for 4 mm Guardian Nexa glass with Guardian ExtraClearTM float glass of the same thickness, based on the CO2 emitted to manufacture the glass, from the extraction, processing and transportation of the raw materials, to the manufacturing of the product.

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