Technological innovation delivers a flexible, lightweight product
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Technological innovation delivers a flexible, lightweight product

Technological innovation delivers a flexible, lightweight product
By Editorial Staff -
Lea Ceramiche has participated in the project

Slimtech is a large format (100x300 cm) porcelain stoneware ceramic slab with a minimum thickness of 3 mm. The four available finishes - sanded, natural, stucco-like and honed - each give rise to different shades of subtle grey that take their cue from natural basaltina stone.
Hard-wearing, light weight and flexible, Slimtech can be used indoors and out as the furnishing solution requires: as flooring, paving, wall cladding, on curved surfaces or flat worktops. Slimtech is ideal to refurbish old floors or wall cladding. The extra-thin slabs can simply be glued onto the old surface without the need for demolition work and inevitable removal of debris. Nor is here any need to adjust door heights to accommodate the new flooring, which further cuts down on installation time. As well as the 3 mm Slimtech slab, there is Slimtech Plus, a 3.5 mm tile with a glass fibre reinforcement backing, again for use over old floors in the home or other environments with moderate footfall. Then there is the 7 mm Slimtech Twin, whose double reinforcement backing is designed for all substrate types and heavy-duty service. The production process starts with the selection of only natural, fully recyclable raw materials that are then wet milled into granulate form. Once on the conveyor belt, the mixture - not placed in moulds as in the traditional porcelain stoneware production process - undergoes pressures of 15,000 tons before being sinterised at 1200° C. All furnaces are electric thereby avoiding polluting emissions. Here technology is at the service of form and function, delivering an end product that is both designer and environment friendly.


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