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Tavola e Tavoletta - Design radiators

Tavola e Tavoletta - Design radiators
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Antrax has participated in the project

Tavola and Tavoletta, bath furnishings designed by Andrea Crosetta for Antrax, are all about simple shapes and modularity.
The two 4 mm thick aluminium radiator plates are rectangular to ensure they fit in numerous settings, especially in the contract sphere. They offer striking aesthetics and functionality, without being bulky.
Available in 171x35 cm and 201 x 35 cm formats, Tavola can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on design needs. It comes in a plain version and one with gaps on the side for hanging up bath robes. Alternatively, a special hook can be attached to the front, once again to add an option to hang up towels. In a similar vein, there is a mirror accessory that, at 4 mm thick, creates a seamless bathroom furnishing element exploding with decorative potential.
Tavoletta was originally created as an accessory for Tavola that functions as a towel rack or bathrobe hook. It is 18 cm wide, and 40/60/80/100 cm high. In addition, it can also come with an energy-efficient electrical plate to turn it into a heating element. In small bathrooms, no other heating is necessary.


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