Tailored, light blends with design. Design Matteo Thun
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Tailored, light blends with design


Tailored, light blends with design. Design Matteo Thun
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When light blends together with an essential and innovative design, a unique sense of elegance arises with a strong emotional impact. Simple shapes and primitive geometries characterize the range “Tailored” by Matteo Thun, from the creative collaboration between Simes and the prestigious Italian architect and designer.
A perfect balance between sustainable and diverse material expressions: the range was developed using a combination of wood teak that conveys a warm effect and the minimalist lines of aluminium, new finishes specifically dedicated to improve the quality of the lighting performance. Natural elegance and lighting poetry that dress with charm the environments with an unmistakable style.
Minimalistic design, innovation with emotion. Primitive and simple geometric forms are the main characteristics of this range. The wood on which the light is reflected onto, emphasises the contrast between solids and voids creating a warm and elegant feel that only natural materials can confer.



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