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TaHoma by Somfy
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Thanks to the TaHoma box interface you can get in touch with your home via a smartphone, tablet or PC connected to the Internet. Wherever you are. Through the io-homecontrol® radio system, the TaHoma box interface communicates with compatible equipment (rolling shutters, awnings, garage door, gate, lights, heating …) to create the scenarios best suited to your specific living requirements. The various applications (more than 100) can be handled individually or in groups, in a simple intuitive manner and, above all, without any wiring. Also, thanks to information feedback, you can check to make sure that all commands have been carried out correctly.
TaHoma is a flexible solution that does not require masonry and can be implemented over time according to new requirements: new home applications can be integrated at any time. It is therefore particularly suitable not only for new buildings but also in case of restructuring or enlargements.
Tahoma box can be associated with the Scenario Player wall control point, which activates two favorite, previously stored scenarios, or with the full range of receivers, bulb-holders and remote-controlled outlets that manage indoor and outdoor lighting, to ensure greater comfort.
Both security and control of energy consumption, with a considerable saving of costs, are ensured by the additional installations of the Protexial io wireless alarm system (including sensors and cameras) and the brightness and temperature sensors, associated with wireless thermostats.
TaHoma, with its unique features of ease of use and intuitiveness, is a solution designed to bring the mass market to home automation.


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