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11 November 2019

It has a strong architectural imprint and works like a totem to be positioned freely within the space: T Tower, designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, is the first free-standing radiator by Antrax IT. T Tower, evolution from the Serie T, maintains the same essential clean-cut silhouette. Configured as an aluminium profile of 170x14x22cm size, liberates from the traditional wall-mounted position, becoming a versatile item of interior décor, available running on water or electricity. The latter, in particular, is fitted with a satin-finish stainless steel round base and makes it possible to emphasize the distinguishing characteristics of the radiator, which can, therefore, be moved and located according to specific requirements. T Tower is available in over 200 colours for maximum customization and can also be equipped with a large rail or hook for towels, perfect for the bathroom. Iconic, contemporary, refined, it embodies in its geometric features high thermal performance, energy-saving and sustainability (aluminium is 100% recyclable): qualities that have led the scientific committee of ADI - Association for Industrial Design to include it in the selection of the ADI Design Index 2019, with consequent candidacy for the Compasso d'Oro 2020 award.


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