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Excellent sun protection

By Editorial Staff -
Pratic F.lli Orioli has participated in the project

Pratic’s T-Project collection was presented at Made Expo 2017 with two folding-arm models in an aluminum alloy, T-Hide and T-Code. The project combines excellent performance, carefully selected aesthetics, versatility and practicality, to produce an awning that fits in almost any architectural context. The structure and front element of T-Hide and T-Code are enclosed in a single, compact cassette that also holds the fabric and the technical components for the awning. As such, when closed, it becomes a simple, linear feature that merges into the architecture. The motorized movement of T-Hide and T-Code is controlled by a multi-channel remote or it can be linked up to the Connexoon Somfy home automation system so it can be operated using a specific app on a smartphone. The high power, dimmable LED optics offer an automatic solution to the question of light under the awning, while the water drainage of the front profile protects against the rain and ensures the awning can be used safely even in bad weather. T-Hide was designed to be wall mounted and can be up to 700 cm long and 400 cm deep. The inclination is from 6 to 40 degrees and a motorized front valence can be added - also integrated into the cassette - to increase protection from the sun and privacy. T-Code is more versatile as it can be wall or ceiling mounted. It can be 595 cm long and 350 cm deep, while the cassette can rotate to allow the choice of inclination to vary between 6 and 70 degrees. The structure for both awnings is in iron grey, with a sablé grey 9006, white 9016 and ivory 1013 finish. The specific range of fabrics offers a wide color range that meets most needs. There are even the Screen and Soltis screening fabric options. The design and practicality of T-Hide won it the iF Design Award 2017 and Reddot Award 2017.

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