Systems for transparent and 3D façades
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Systems for transparent and 3D façades

Systems for transparent and 3D façades
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Schueco has participated in the project

Performance is ever more critical to transparent façade design, seeking to combine aesthetics, thermal insulation and optimal interior comfort. Schüco’s new FWS 35 PD aluminium system, with visible profiles of only 35 mm, guarantees extreme transparency, complete interior-exterior interplay and maximum natural light. This incredibly slim design makes FWS 35 PD an excellent choice for top quality residential and public buildings, often used on the ground floor. The thermal insulation comes from the option to mount triple glazing, up to 52 mm thick, with Uf values of up to 0.9 W/m²K. Such figures are why it has Passive House certification.
Schüco FWS 35 PD can combine and be part of Schüco AWS aluminium window and Schüco ADS door systems. It includes pre-assembled components, an optimised connection system and an innovative building attachment system, making it easier and quicker to mount, without losing safety and flexibility. It fits perfectly with the Schüco SimplySmart design approach.

Schüco research pushes it towards new creative horizons for façade design, using 3D parametric design software to conceive and create extremely dynamic 3D façades. The Schüco parametric system simplifies complex façade design, using structural elements that allow a significant degree of personal aesthetic choice, and excellent performance (Uf values of 0.5 W/m2K), soundproofing and security levels at reasonable costs. The design process takes into account thermal insulation and lighting requirements in all climatic and environmental conditions (interior and exterior). Using such information, the modules and surfaces that form the façade can cater for differing insulation and lighting requirements, with altered levels of shading, sun exposure and transparency. This makes the system suited to all environmental conditions, providing high levels of comfort for homes and offices.


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