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System Photonics design and energy In the light of day

System Photonics design and energy  In the light of day
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System Photonics has participated in the project

System Photonics designs, produces and markets novel photovoltaic installations, with a keen eye to function and aesthetics. A combination of advanced know-how in the ceramic materials field and the technology to handle polymer materials and semi-conductors has given the firm an innovative approach to the market. The outcome is a series of high-efficiency photovoltaic surfaces that blend completely with architecture, the environment and design.
The four collections proposed are all modular, waterproof, quick and easy to install and integrate, available in a broad color range and composed of fully recyclable materials.

Roof Collection: a product range designed for full or partial replacement of traditional roofing. It provides better insulation and protection in a blend of design, efficiency, aesthetics and practicality;

Skin Collection: these PV systems are expressly designed for seamless walls and/or ventilated facades. The use of quality ceramic materials, plus the latest generation PV technology, affords great design flexibility with no tradeoffs between design and practical efficiency;

Life Collection: solutions for integrating urban design project with solar energy. The versatile ceramic materials used are naturally recyclable and offer a range of applications to the building trade and all kinds of projects and structures that need to be truly environmentally friendly;

Power Collection: these ideas are mainly intended for producers of electric energy. They guarantee the investment will be safe and long lasting, thanks to their solid efficiency, their systematic use of noble materials like ceramics, and their extreme practicality and ease of installation.

System Photonics is a System Group company with forty years’ experience in industrial automation for ceramics, electronics and logistics.


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