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System Photonics
By Editorial Staff -
An exclusive system based on state-of-the-art technological solutions that allows combining aesthetics and functionality. To show the public these particulars, System Photonics presented a real roof in Verona, with simulated rain, realised with ROOF Collection RTL-CS tiles. Thanks to their elegant look, the absence of the aluminium frame and their robustness, the System Photonics photovoltaic tiles are conceived to make a real integration at architectural level of the photovoltaic modules possible. The laying systems also make them easy to install in place of the normal tiles, also on existing wooden support structures, guaranteeing roof impermeability, even without the use of sheathing. The choice of 13 different colours and the possibility of using passive elements realised with the same dimensions and with the same ceramic material of the tiles, allow aesthetical solutions to date unthinkable. The use of a 3 mm thin ceramic slab like backsheet and an encapsulating 5 times harder and 100 time more resistant than those commonly used (EVA, PVB) guarantee duration, reliability and unprecedented recyclability.
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