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Synua Vela, Synua Wall System - La sicurezza in o
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Synua Vela, an armoured sliding door, offers a combination of aesthetics, space savings and security. Suited to commercial and residential settings, such is its size that it can be used as both as an entrance door separating indoors and outdoors, and as a door in an internal partition wall. It is an ideal solution any time secure divisions are needed between spaces, but without excessively large doors. It is clad vertically in staves, with different colour and material options to allow seamless integration into the surrounding context.
The Cvjetni apartment and shopping complex in Zagreb was designed by Boris Podrecca, who opted for Synua Vela for the doors in the lift area.   A natural teak finish was chosen with an inner steel handle and a powered  opening mechanism. Some of the walls in the stairwell are lined using the Synua Wall System, a wall-door system that ensures seamless use of materials and colours.
The Synua Wall System has modular sections and can be used indoors or outdoors. It exploits the perfect coplanarity of Oikos doors to create aesthetically identical walls.


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