Synua Vela - Sliding safety door
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Synua Vela - Sliding safety door

Synua Vela - Sliding safety door
By Editorial Staff -
Oikos has participated in the project

Combining high security with consciousness of design and modern living requirements is a challenge that Oikos take to heart. Their armour-plated doors give architects broad scope for use in the widest of contexts, maintaining customer personalization in terms of size and look.
Synua Vela is a new fully sliding safety door that will grace any indoor environment. The staves run vertically, the handles vanish into the surface which can be lined in stone, ecru stoneware, lacquered glass, wood, steel, or if preferred use the wall materials for visual continuity. There is enormous flexibility of size: Vela can run to ceiling height, shutting out the next room or outer world in one unbroken sweep. The Synua Wall System means that Vela can transform into a fully-appointed wall complete with light points, ledges and bookshelves. It becomes a maximum-security partition between rooms in a house or commercial premises like a jeweller’s, hiding away and protecting objects of value. Vela slides manually to the touch, or automatically by radio-control or remote push-button for sensitive control of action and status.


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