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Synua, Synua Vela - Finishings for doors

Synua, Synua Vela - Finishings for doors
By Editorial Staff -
Oikos has participated in the project
Oikos armoured doors are not just about performance and security, but also interior design.
Synua, designed by Adriani & Rossi, is a coplanar pivot door. This single leaf door can be as high as 3 m and as wide as 2.2 m, while still staying in anti-burglary class 3 with 38 dB sound proofing and a thermal insulation value of 1.6 as standard (with 1.2 available on request). There are various linings for the horizontal sections. The white lacquered finish emphasises the perfection of lines and integrates simply and elegantly with the wall.
Awarded a 2012 Compasso d’Oro ADI honours mention, Synua Vela is a powered sliding armoured door that is an ideal internal division for residential or commercial use. The sliding mechanism ensures significant space savings. The staves run vertically, creating a visually pleasing break from the horizontal dimension that is especially noticeable under large lights.
The stoneware lining with a corten steel look emphasises the material on the surface and turns the door into a genuine architectural element.

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