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Syntesis Tech by Eclisse

Syntesis Tech by Eclisse
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The last but not the least. In perfect harmony with the rest of the Syntesis Collection, Syntesis Tech is the solution especially designed to cover and inspect technical rooms. Wiring, plumbing, electrical systems, and even closets can now be hidden and discreetly integrated into the wall. Thanks to Syntesis Tech, the wall looks completely unchanged but accessible - only when needed - through practical push-pull openings.
On demand available also handles with lever or with key. Customizable with any type of opening, single leaf, double, folding or removable panel, Syntesis Tech allows you to hide any item or equipment that normally we do not want to be visible, leaving it accessible for any maintenance or repair.

• Long lasting and paintable frame
The whole frame and locks/hinge mounting brackets are made of anodized anti-corrosion aluminum, coated with primer and ready for painting in the same colour of the wall. A continuous uniform surface means a consistent surface finish, both inside and outside.

• Designed for the installer
The reduced size of the frame is designed in order to push through comfortably with wiring and piping on all 4 sides.

• Tough frame
Like all other Syntesis Collection products, Syntesis Tech is sturdy and easy to assemble.

• No cracks
The frame profile is designed in order to fully integrate into the wall, preventing cracks along the perimeter of the compartment.

• Universal
Only one frame for both solid wall and stud wall.
Metal supports to fix the frame to the metal wrapping and the wall structure available as standard.

• Door panel
Syntesis Tech comes complete with frame and door panel. 18 mm panel thickness are melamine faced chipboard Class E1, melamine coated in white and edged in ABS, ready to be painted.

• 165° hinges as standard
Perfect accessibility thanks to special 165° opening hinges, mounted as standard. Hinges also can be adjusted on three axes to ensure a perfect aesthetic result.

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