Syntesis Collection? a full wall solution?
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Syntesis Collection? a full wall solution?

Syntesis Collection? a full wall solution?
By Editorial Staff -
Eclisse has participated in the project

Contemporary home furnishing combines minimalism, geometric lines and understatement with versatility and customisation. Personal interpretation has become truly sought after, throwing off stylistic restrictions and decorative excesses. Doors and windows - and the relations between these elements - are central in aesthetically defining the spaces and volumes in a house. Drawing on these premises, Eclisse has created the Syntesis Collection to be a “full wall” solution that brings palpable aesthetic uniformity and simplicity of form by removing design limitations and making the walls and openings flush. The collection has pocket sliding doors without external frames, doors that close flush against the wall and a new skirting board profile. These are the modular elements that open up a world of completely smooth walls that can be harmoniously inserted into every room, regardless of architectural style. The collection includes two types of sliding doors. First, Syntesis Line is a pocket sliding door frame without external architraves or jambs that can be painted the same colour as the wall, allowing complete uniformity. Second, Syntesis Luce is another pocket sliding door frame without external sections, but this one is fitted with wiring conduits for lights (including on/off switches or plugs). It can hold up to ten switch boxes per door, ensuring aesthetics and technology combine perfectly in a uniform wall. The Syntesis Line range of hinged-doors includes a frameless door, without wiring casing, that sits flush against the wall. Since the internal frame is reinforced and the door has solid wood panels and a tight honeycomb structure, it is a remarkably robust option. The final piece in the Syntesis Collection is the Syntesis skirting board that is installed flush against the wall, differentiating it from traditional skirting boards and opening the room up for placing furniture right against the wall. LED backlighting can be included in the Syntesis skirting board, creating the option of using it to mark a route.

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