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Switches, Environment, Transparency

Switches, Environment, Transparency
By Editorial Staff -
Jung has participated in the project

Can a switch truly be sustainable? In short, yes. But the resources and technologies used to make the switch must be sustainable and that means using long-lasting, recyclable materials. So, sustainable architecture also includes choosing the right switches.

In such a paradigm, well-established switch manufacturer Jung has taken the step of publishing its first sustainability report, covering 2021/2022. The report is a voluntary initiative, but follows the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to provide a transparent account of the company’s ESG strategy, i.e. how it is performing with respect to environmental, social affairs and governance criteria. Such an assessment provides a clear picture of each stage in the creation of a product and the quality of life enjoyed by the company’s employees.

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Consider that in 2021 alone, the Schalksmühle and Lünen plants produced approximately 28.5 million switches with electrotechnical inserts – such figures provide a snapshot of the environmental impact of each and every decision the company makes. Zinc-magnesium coatings and tinned brass and stainless steel internal components, for example, were chosen for their technical properties, allowing faster and more efficient processing than conventional systems. Switch inserts and the visible frames, by contrast, are made of robust thermoset plastic, which produces less CO2 during processing and uses less energy and water than other materials. Most of the materials used are recyclable or reusable – a decision that, like every other step, provides clear evidence of Jung’s commitment to sustainability.

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