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Sustainability and New Wellness

High-Performance Acoustic Blinds

Sustainability and New Wellness
By Editorial Staff -
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What is wellness? The architectural answer tends to be synonymous with optimizing the internal comfort of an environment. At Medit, a company that specializes in finding technical solutions for building design, the experts believe that the pursuit of wellness must be built on sustainable solutions that are increasingly mindful of our planet. Driven by this overarching goal of finding green solutions to home living issues, Medit focuses on creating curtain systems that integrate its extensive research and development to produce something that combines energy performance, design and quality. In this process, the curtain comes to transcend its traditional role of accessory and becomes a necessary and indispensable component to complete any project, increasing overall performance and achieving high standards of building circularity and sustainability. 
The company’s products are designed not only to manage natural light and sound levels, but also to become the focus of a broader reflection that never loses sight of the goal of achieving maximum well-being in environments. 
This approach, based on technical and decorative solutions, explains perfectly why Medit has included the Snowsound Fiber® line of sound-absorbing fabrics among its textile options. The innovative technology of these fabrics uses soft, interwoven acoustic polyester fibers that are inherently flame retardant; the interaction between these elements and the air helps reduce the potentially annoying reverberation of sound in rooms, improving the quality and cleanliness of sound in work and home environments. With sound absorption coefficient values (αw) right up to Class A and advanced calculation software to precisely estimate the amount of material needed, these products are designed for optimal comfort and space usage. The combination of sound-absorbing fabrics and Medit systems, both for technical roller blinds and soft curtains, is a high-performance solution that guarantees acoustic harmony in any living space or environment.

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