Supersystem outdoor, Nightsight Designing exteriors with light
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Supersystem outdoor, Nightsight Designing exteriors with light

Supersystem outdoor, Nightsight Designing exteriors with light
By Redazione The Plan -

Zumtobel has two exterior lighting solutions that seek to make an urban space feel like home - more beautiful, social, sustainable and dynamic. They reduce glare and increase visual comfort.  

Flexibility, modularity and a refined look are the heart of the Supersystem outdoor family of products. The devices stand on slender, elegant posts in the Area Light version and are available for walls in the Projection version. They harness the flexibility of (individually adjusted) LED tubes to provide effective, diffuse or point lighting. The LEDs provide multi-zone photometric distribution on horizontal and vertical planes and have three different optics: Narrow Beam, Medium Beam and Wide Beam with emission angles of 11°, 27° and 40°, respectively. The light beam can be set, with adequate glare screening and prevention of light dispersion. Visual comfort can be optimized as two color temperatures are available (3,000 K and 4,000 K), while the control unit can be used to set the contrast and light intensity.

The Nightsight LED system for lighting exteriors, developed jointly with the Dutch design studio UNStudio, is modular in four formats, but uniform in appearance, making it suited to any urban setting. To make sure designers can opt for the optimal device regardless of the installation surface (horizontal or vertical), Zumtobel created two different devices: the projector with “DarkBeam” optics and the Area device with “softGlow” optics, for lighting wide surfaces. The first one is ideal for lighting façades and highlighting architectural details, using LED lighting points and recessed lenses in a honeycomb grid, which acts as a screen on the sides of the light source and prevents glare. By contrast, the second device is ideal for squares, parks or streets. In this case, the ability to direct the light beams and the use of “softGlow” technology reduces brightness contrast between the LED lights points and the grid. 

Nightsight is easy to assemble and requires minimal maintenance. It was presented during the 2016 edition of Light + Building and will be available for sale as of fall 2016 in two color and temperature versions (3,000 K and 4,000 K). 


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