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Sun by Zucchetti

Sun by Zucchetti
By Editorial Staff -
; easy production, because the components are the result of fusions; easy to use, because SUN’s pure lines are mindful of functional ergonomics.
But that’s not all.
This is a collection of Design objects: their simple form has been studied to adapt to any bathroom ambience. Ample reflecting surfaces, and a strategic play of rounded geometries, characterise a collection that is dedicated to a comprehensive spectrum of public taste.
This collection pays attention to details: the bathtub mixer is fitted with a coaxial diverter, so the handshower can be operated simply by pulling the flexible hose. Less elements in sight, for aesthetic and functional excellence.
This collection respects green values: of reduced flow capacity, it can be fitted with optional energy saving cartridges.
Sun enriches Zucchetti’s basic line with design, functionality and detail.

Technical Features:
Single lever mixers, equipped with sintered ceramic disks cartridge, diameter 35 mm.
Materials: body and handles in brass, other components in materials resistant to corrosion and build-up of mineral deposits. Electrolytic chrome plating composed of double layer of nickel for an overall thickness of 10 -12 ?m and a 0.2 ?m layer of chrome.
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