Stretched Ceiling Architecture: Solutions That Add to Any Project
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Stretched Ceiling Architecture: Solutions That Add to Any Project

Stretched Ceiling Architecture: Solutions That Add to Any Project
By Editorial Staff -

Founded in 1967, Barrisol is the world leader in the manufacture of stretched ceilings, which are created with non-flammable fabric, and with heat used to tighten this fabric along the edges of the area to be covered. It truly is a blend of tradition, innovation and technology that opens up a remarkable combination of ceiling solutions: acoustic, mirror, lighting, printed, 3D and climatized.

Barrisol’s products are 100% recyclable and are in the A+ environmental category, meeting the most demanding European and international fire safety standards. The nature of these products means they can fit easily into practically any setting, from retail to manufacturing, and from hotels to museums.

Maddaloni, a town not far from Naples in southern Italy, is home to a major intermodal transport hub that includes IDIR Logistica, a global automotive parts supplier. The design for the latter’s premises was by architect Corrado Foglia and it falls within a broader regeneration project for a 17,000 sq. m building that was unused.

The upgrade not only had to produce a semi-automated warehouse to manage the logistics of the parts, but also the creation of three levels of offices for staff.

Barrisol’s systems really add to the aesthetics of the building, especially with the integrated lighting solutions that bring suggestive touches, and to the practicality, because of the ease of inspecting the ventilation installations.

In the double-height entrance hall, the circular effect of the Light Lines illumination is striking, marking out the shape of the ceiling made with the Barrisol Acoustics stretch fabric in a Les Reflets Laqués finish. This soft ceiling embraces the entire entrance area, giving it its own majestic yet welcoming personality.

The corridors to the offices have suspended panels covered in Artolis fabric, with an integrated air conditioning system. This brings the advantage of the false ceiling being especially easy to remove when the installations need maintenance work.

Barrisol solutions are also at the heart of the meeting rooms, where acoustic PVC fabric coupled with mineral wool panels were installed for the ceiling and walls, and integrated tracks on the ceiling for both general and spot lighting.

In the industrial district of Macerata, in central Italy, the MED Store was designed by Harcome Studio and it includes a showroom, offices and storage space for the company, which specializes in selling technological products. Expansive windows, curving lines and green walls are the key elements of the building, dominated by the central, entirely glazed section housing a ramp to the upper areas.

Supported by a metallic structure with organic lines that deliberately recall a sizeable tree, the ramp extends through the space like a winding carpet leading to the dome on the roof. Backlit Translucides White canvases were stretched under the ramp to both highlight this feature and to emphasize the crisp lines of the structure. It becomes a key feature that welcomes guests into the store, producing a light, welcoming and comfortable environment.

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