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Ilo Led - Street and outdoor area lighting

Ilo Led - Street and outdoor area lighting
By Editorial Staff -
Aec Illuminazione has participated in the project

Ilo Led, the new street and outdoor area lighting luminaire by AEC, combines energy saving and environmental safeguard with a long, reliable duty life cycle.
To make the best use of LED technology, AEC has developed a special optic called “Comfort Light Optic”. Its glare-control luminous flux prevents any risk of retina damage caused by excessive light intensity.
All AEC’s LED luminaires - Ilo Led, the Led-in streetlight, and tunnel light Tzero - are equipped with the “Comfort Light Optic”. Depending on the setting, the system reduces light emission at certain angles to avoid glare while maintaining photometric performance. Ilo Led has electronic ballast that regulates the current supplied to the LEDs in the optic. This dimmer or light-graduation option can be actuated in several simple, versatile ways. The optical and electrical quality and efficiency of these luminaires mean substantial energy savings over their duty life cycle.


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