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STRATOSPHERICA - Nature and technology merge


STRATOSPHERICA - Nature and technology merge
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Stratospherica stems from a collaboration between Antolini – the leading producer of natural stone and vanguard of the industry - and Mutaforma, a Milanese brand working on augmented materials produced by applying high-tech nanoparticles to change the optical and chromatic features of glass.

The Stratospherica collection includes 14 designs, created by Alessandro La Spada. Each design is a perfect match between the natural stones - carefully selected by Antolini - and the geometric, organic, artistic decorations created with Mutaforma material.

The new collection revolves around inlays, multi-material grafting and connections. The deep and ambitious link between Antolini’s superb natural stone and Mutaforma’s unique glass material is at the core of all emotions.

Stratospherica combines rigour, research, planning, and innovation - all the great qualities that characterise both Antolini and Mutaforma, with their futuristic and daring vision.

After being modelled, each stone slab is encrusted with tiny TILLA® glass picotesserae (editor’s note: the smallest is just 2.5 mm wide) decorated with silver foil. The reflected light creates suggestive compositions.  The use of techniques such as high-precision sandblasting and laser marking further characterises the surface. Materials convey warm tactile sensations and enhance the matt/polished contrasts of stone and glass. The exclusive technology deployed in their production ensure the slabs are fit for residential and commercial use. The shapes designed by La Spada are versatile, to cater for book-matched or continuous layouts.

The Stratospherica area within Antolini’s Labirinto showroom, curated by Alessandro La Spada, brings the philosophy of this collaboration to life: a sophisticated and refined connection between nature and technology, density and light.

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