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By Redazione The Plan -
Duka has participated in the project

stila 2000 is a range of products belonging to the Quadra segment (with framed enclosures), adjustable and modular, featuring tempered glass in 6 mm thickness (clear, frosted or with central serigraphy) and top quality aluminum (silver matt, bright silver or white): a guarantee for long lifecycle that avoids frequent maintenance interventions.
stila 2000 also offers, to an interesting price, all the collocations in standard sizes (corner, niche, U-constructions or quadrant doors) and also on demand ones, with special solutions specially created to solve even the most difficult positioning problems.
Pivot, folding, saloon and sliding doors, with silent closing and opening systems, and magnetic profiles with easy unhooking systems for the glass sliding doors, assure a friendly use of the shower enclosure in every detail, also in the handle, with a pleasing and ergonomic design, made for a simple and safe grip.
It is the ideal arrangement for those looking at a high-level product with a medium price, both in domestic and hospitality environments. stila 2000 means quality, safety and design, something only a consolidated and international know-how can grant. The range is composed by a pivot door opening outside, a folding door, two pivot doors (saloon), opening inside and outside, a sliding door and then a return panel for modular compositions, a two-sided corner-entry shower enclosures with two sliding doors, and a curved shower enclosure.

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