“Stay KooooK – Stay You”: planning your hotel stay by app
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“Stay KooooK – Stay You”: planning your hotel stay by app


“Stay KooooK – Stay You”: planning your hotel stay by app
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Inspired by the idea of shared living spaces, Stay KooooK is a new concept for accommodation interiors that stands out from what’s already on the market. For the new Stay KooooK hotels, part of SV Hotels, JOI-Design has imagined a way to live at home when you’re away from home. The architects’ vision has turned the hotel’s rooms into comfortable, customizable spaces, recreating the atmosphere and feel of being in your own home.

The attention to detail, from the accessories through to lighting, contributes to the elegance of these shared open-plan spaces, with their soft pastel shades. Guests are offered stimulating work areas and comfortable relaxation areas, as well as a kitchen space, where they can cook and eat together. JOI-Design has also created special furniture designs that encourage people to spend time together, exchange ideas, share experiences, and enjoy a recuperative stay. 

There’s no reception desk or lobby. Instead, guests are greeted by staff and, from then on, everything is digital, allowing each guest to organize the details of their stay. Whether it’s check-in, opening the bedroom door, or storing your bike, everything works via a smartphone app.

The Slide is the name of the innovative solution that the designers created specifically for this project. A wall system, it forms the heart of Stay KooooK, allowing guests to reconfigure their rooms. Fitted with a metal handle, it slides back and forth, allowing maximum customization and flexibility of the interior spaces.

Stay KooooK Bern
Address: Gardistrasse 4a, 3014 Bern, Switzerland
Period of planning: 2018-2020
Areas: guestrooms & public spaces
Type of hotel: Long stay/Extended-Stay
Rooms: 59
Area: ca. 2500 m²
Developer: SV Hotel AG
Project Manager / Architect: Planergemeinschaft GWJ | ASTOC
Interior Architect: JOI-Design Innenarchitekten
Interior fitter / rooms: Oertel Möbelwerkstätten GmbH & Co. KG
Interior fitter / public area: Oertel Möbelwerkstätten GmbH & Co. KG
General constructor: Losinger Marazzi AG
Lighting planner Weiser Lighting
Fotocredits by Christian Kretschamr 

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