Starck K - Ceramics in the kitchen
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Starck K - Ceramics in the kitchen

Starck K - Ceramics in the kitchen
By Redazione The Plan -
Duravit has participated in the project

In the many years he has liaised with Duravit, this is the first time Philippe Starck has tried his hand at kitchen sinks. The result is Starck K, a ceramic basin that combines great practicality with an alluring simplicity of line. The basic shape behind Starck K is the right angle: hence an oblong base providing a broad support and making for generous basin size. The draining board is grooveless and slopes downwards; the sink walls come up unusually high.
A kind of notch between draining board and sink ensures against overflow; when the water level reaches this low point it flows onto the draining board and from there drains away. The inside sink measurements (430x310x190 mm) make it roomy enough even to take a dirty oven tray, while a wooden board fits on top at two work-surface heights. Corners are rounded on the inside which makes the sink very easy to keep clean. Starck K comes in sizes of 1000x510 mm and 900x510 mm, with draining boards to the right of left.
There is also a version with no work top, which makes the sink size even roomier (775x310x190 mm inside). The colour range is White, Pergamon, Anthracite, Brown. The colours last unimpaired: however exposed, this porcelain is totally light-resistant. Duravit have also patented their own manufacturing process which is highly resistant to knocks - the kind of toughness that a kitchen fitting can always do with.


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