Starck furnishings - Geometry in the bathroom
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Starck furnishings - Geometry in the bathroom

Starck furnishings - Geometry in the bathroom
By Editorial Staff -
Duravit has participated in the project

For Duravit Philippe Starck is adding to the classic cone-shaped base vanity unit he designed in 1994. His new shapes are geometrical, including cylinders and cuboids. This latest Starck series also has some square-plan bases designed to go with round or tri-oval console basins, as well as some new mirrors and mirror cabinets.
The design for the cylinder and cuboid items preserves the wing-door and fitted inside shelving that he used on the original cone. This means they open out completely and maximise capaciousness. On the outside the doors have an aluminium strip by way of an opening device. The transition between ceramic unit and furniture item preserves the monobloc character of the whole, with a little help from hidden brackets.
The new rectangular hanging bases come in various sizes and finishes (black or white painted, or oak) and can be matched with circular, square or tri-oval console basins. Large box-containers with 6cm-wide aluminium strips adorning the sides can be conveniently opened by a slight pressure of the knee. Interiors are painted aluminium, in pleasing contrast with the outer finish.
To complete this bathroom Philippe Starck has brought a touch of geometry to mirror and mirror-cabinet design as well. All variants feature a “light square” set into the fixed right-hand part of the mirror cabinet. Via a special film this sheds a soft light to front, top and right side. The left-hand section of the cabinet swivels on its axis. Aluminium-painted wooden boxes fit onto the back of this and can be swung round to the front if need be - simple to use, easy to clean!



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