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SPILLO by Icone Luce

SPILLO by Icone Luce
By Editorial Staff -
Directional beams are realized in 7x7mm-section wiredrawn brass. The lamps are available in many measures and powers. Lighting is guaranteed by a highly effective LED microline.
Finishing colours: varnished white, varnished black, chrome and gold.
The new Icone are points of energy lighting up the rooms, curves defining spaces, volumes highlighting details.
The brand aims at the reduction of energy and of material consumption, but at the same time at the improvement of light duration and quality. 
Icone world is a flexible platform which can bend to satisfy different lighting needs, balancing between aesthetics and functionality.
Marco Pagnoncelli is the designer of the entire Icone lamps collection, born from a different perception of being light, in a mixture of originality, creativity and technology.

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