Sombra do Sol - Venetian blinds for insulating glass
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Sombra do Sol - Venetian blinds for insulating glass

Sombra do Sol - Venetian blinds for insulating glass
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Casteco started life at Brescia in 1993 as a producer of small to medium power electrical induction motors and heating kits for small and medium-sized thermo-convectors. In 2004 it brought out Sombra do Sol®, a Venetian blind line with slats of 16 mm or 12.5 mm, available in various colour combinations and designed to fit inside double glazing. Blending design with technological efficiency, Sombra do Sol® blinds optimise the sunray input and the thermal insulation. Fitting the blind inside a standard double-glazing unit offers many advantages over an outdoor or indoor light-shielding system in terms of heat insulation and also maintenance/cleaning. Sombra do Sol® blinds can work with a simple slat-adjusting system in cavities of 18 mm and 22 mm, a solar-powered system with an amorphous cell battery charger (22 mm and 27 mm cavities), as well as by radio or wall-switch commanded blind adjustment, again with cavity thicknesses of 22 mm or 27 mm. In the simple adjustment version, the blind is hand-operated from a knob on the frame; a flexible cable transfers the movement to the command unit in the box overhead, and the blades swivel accordingly. The motorised raising and adjusting version uses a 24 V motor housed in the overhead chamber, the motor-reducer and electronics being Italian manufactured to a Casteco design. The motor can be controlled by radio or wall switches; with individual or group mode movement; and connectable to a domotic system. Blinds can be installed in standard double-glazing panes of various thicknesses, giving the product an easy outlet onto various sectors of the building market. As of September 2011, the Sombra do Sol® range gains some new blinds that no longer use slats but pleated or honeycomb sunblind fabric achieving up to total blackout. Fabric blinds can be raised by motor: cavities of 22 mm or 27 mm for pleated fabric, and 27 mm for the blackout system. Again, as with all Sombra do Sol® blinds, the movement may be solar-powered from amorphous solar cell batteries applied to the outside of the pane. Casteco thus becomes an expert and reliable partner to the glazing companies, through from purchase of raw materials down to dispatch of the finished product and providing installation know how.


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