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Sleek Essential Design for the Smallest Room

Solos Collection
By Editorial Staff -
IdealStandard has participated in the project

Ideal Standard’s new Solos Collection embodies the utter simplicity of minimalist design. Although the underlying concept was previewed at the 2022 Salone del Mobile in Milan, the full product range is still being developed. Conceived by Palomba Serafini Associati’s chief design officer and co-founder Roberto Palomba, the Solos washbasin and mixer tap combine architectural rigueur and design flair to perfection. Coming in both cylindrical and square versions, the mixer is completely integrated into the washbasin, giving the unit a sleek sculptural appearance. The available color range further enhances the new unit’s clean lines.

While the ample size of the basin makes for ease-of-use, its slender pared edges give it a sleek ethereal elegance. Available in glossy black and white, the unit can be combined with equally elegant faucets in a wide range of metallic colors and modern satin finishes, including chrome, brushed gold and magnetic grey.

Collezione Solos © Carlo William Rossi + Fabio Mureddu, courtesy Ideal Standard

Two separate elements, the round tap and mixer spout rise effortlessly out of the basin, all control systems concealed from view.

The hole for the mixer has been made with such precision that there is no need for a retaining ring. At the same time, the unit’s numerous technical features put it at the cutting-edge of innovative design and function. Integrated sequential technology allows control of water temperature and flow by just turning the round tap. A second, even sleeker model is available mounted with touchless, flow-regulating sensors, doing away with the round tap.

Collezione Solos © Carlo William Rossi + Fabio Mureddu, courtesy Ideal Standard

Roberto Palomba notes how Solos becomes a perfect combination of design and performance with the addition of Diamatec®, an Ideal Standard-patented technology producing extra-thin ultra-resistant ceramic using less energy, water, glaze and raw material. Developed from a blend of alumina and chamotte, Diamatec® ceramic’s mechanical strength is vastly superior to traditional production, allowing shapes and uses that would otherwise be impossible. Part of the premium Atelier Collections segment, Solos epitomizes the Singular™ philosophy, an approach to bathroom design devised by Ideal Standard to encourage better cross-category product integration from a range of different projects. The new range will in fact be extended in coming months: a shower solution and toilet bowl are planned, as well as coordinated furniture and accessories.

Blending seamlessly with the other products in Ideal Standard’s extensive catalog, Solos further contributes to the range of customized solutions for every bathroom environment whatever the sector, from residential to contract.

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