Solon Black 220/16 by Solon
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Solon Black 220/16 by Solon

Solon Black 220/16 by Solon
By Editorial Staff -
This product has been carefully designed for the industry branch and is manufactured using high-capacity cells, 4 mm tempered high-security glass, and the Solon -specific module frame with hollow-chamber profile for extra stability.
Significant cost advantages can be achieved in the project business, thanks to this new Solon industrial module, which has been manufactured for use in large-scale roof-mounted and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. Taking full advantage of the economies of scale and highly flexible production process, the Berlin-based premium manufacturer can offer this product, which is manufactured entirely in Germany, at particularly attractive conditions. For orders, Solon requires a minimum of 500 kWp, proof of the project, and a collective delivery to a single project address.
The Solon Black 220/16 measures 1640 x 1000 mm and consists of 60 monocrystalline cells. It attains a maximum peak power of 235 watts, which is the equivalent of an efficiency level of 14.33 percent. The module, which weighs 22 kg, comes with a 5-year warranty. Furthermore Solon recently introduced a five-stage performance guarantee over 25 years. Production of the new module began on April 1.
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