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Soho Collection

Soho Collection by Talenti
By Redazione The Plan -
Talenti has participated in the project

Marco Acerbis, with his Soho Collection, has been inspired by the finesse and balance between materials: ropes follow a set path and intersect with wood battens creating an elegant and visually soft net that harks back to the nautical world. The collection showcases the interplay between full and empty spaces: the two-dimensionality of the frame and the volumes of the cushions.

The lightweight, painted aluminium frame creates a solid structure for the cushions, in order to ensure stability and durability. The colours used are graphite for the frame and a dark grey for the fabric cushions.

As always, for this collection Talenti has used the finest materials designed for the outdoors and exposure to atmospheric agents. These materials include quick dry foam padding, which ensures the durability of products exposed to humidity and bad weather.

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