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Snowsound Art, tl, obelisco, Botanica

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Snowsound Art, tl, obelisco, Botanica
By Editorial Staff -
Caimi Brevetti has participated in the project

Snowsound Art is a cross-fertilization project, begun in 2017, that draws on art and industry. It was born of the collaboration between Caimi Brevetti and Gillo Dorfles, whose work has been used to enrich the range of soundproofing panels with Snowsound technology. The project really pushes the limits by reinterpreting a series of drawings by Gio Ponti from the 1950s onwards (made available by Gio Ponti Archives), taking on a new view of the concept of the “splendor of the future” that was so central to Ponti’s philosophy. Ponti obviously had no notion of Snowsound technology, but the focus is on the practical creation of acoustic comfort for homes and offices to improve flexibility and user well-being - notions that Ponti strove to develop. This was the grounds for re-proposing some of Ponti’s most famous drawings: Labirinto, created with Paolo De Poli, Supergattomaggiore, Lettere Disegnate, Porte Dipinte, and Decoro, present in two architectural masterpieces, namely Villa Nemazee in Teheran and Villa Planchart in Caracas. Snowsound Art is the merging of function and aesthetics, taking art out of the realm of mere contemplation and turning it into something usable, and opening up a pathway to rediscovering our cultural roots. The synergy between Gio Ponti and Caimi Brevetti has extended to TL and Obelisco: TL is a series of suspended three-dimensional soundproofing elements, originally designed by Gio Ponti for the auditorium in New York’s Time-Life Building, but now with Snowsound technology and the option of integrated LED lights; Obelisco is a self-supporting soundproofing element in polyester and steel with Snowsound Fiber cladding that draws on a formal theme Gio Ponti often explored. Snowsound’s versatility makes it ideal for experimenting, cross-fertilization and formal interpretations. Drawing from the leafy canopy of tree, Mario Trimarchi created Botanica, a soundproofing system in wall, ceiling and self-supporting versions. Botanica’s metallic structure recalls long, twisting branches that rise up to a rounded summit of leaves created using Snowsound technology. This is yet another Caimi example of acoustic well-being combining technology and originality to create furnishing pieces and interior design solutions that achieve that prized goal of aesthetics and performance.


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