Smoke Shed® - Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilator
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Smoke Shed® - Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilator

Smoke Shed® - Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilator
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Caoduro has participated in the project

Smoke Shed® is a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator from Caoduro with specifically designed fully-retractable wind deflectors that open automatically when in use. As well as allowing ventilator placement on shed roofs or vertical-walls, its design guarantees smoke and heat extraction even in situations of countervailing winds. The shape of Smoke Shed® means the aerodynamic free area (Aa) remains unchanged regardless of the wind, complying with the UNI EN 12101-2:2004 standard and removing the need to place ventilators on the walls not exposed to side winds.
Plus, the often tricky installation of wind speed and direction monitoring systems - otherwise required by the standard - is not necessary. Since the weather and wind have no impact on the aerodynamic free area, the ventilation system designer can be completely sure of the system’s efficiency and the reliability of the Aa value stated with the CE marking. The retractable design of the wind deflectors on Smoke Shed® also adds an aesthetic touch to this vent system that ranges in size from 55x55 cm to 160x250 cm.


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